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I’ve come to believe that eating fresh, whole natural foods that we prepare ourselves can do more for our health than any visit to the doctor’s office or prescription pill. Recently I started adding arugula into my diet I noticed an almost immediate change in how I was feeling.  Particularly when I added it into smoothies I was making in a NutriBullet I got just beforehand.

I would wake in the mornings and in about 2 hours feel exhausted to the point a nap was almost a necessity.  The exhaustion was so intense I felt drugged.  Then one day when the feeling hit I got up and made a smoothie and put a lot of arugula in it.  The overwhelming tiredness vanished immediately.

That got me looking into the health benefits of arugula.  I decided it was going to become a part of my daily diet.  Arugula is truly an amazing food.

One of the things arugula is praised for is cleansing your body, particularly your liver.  In the toxic world we live it it’s a good idea to keep the toxins cleared out of your body and your detoxifying organs (i.e. your liver) functioning properly.  All else depends on this.

Its a member of the Brassica family of cruciferous vegetables along with Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale and broccoli.  The American Cancer Society recommends eating these vegetables for the prevention of cancer.  Studies show it might reduce the risk of developing lung, colon, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancers.

Containing only 5 calories per cup, Arugula is one of the most nutrient dense low calorie foods you can eat.  It’s high vitamin count plus chlorophyll helps prevent liver and DNA damage.  Arugula promotes bone health, plays a role in the prevention of heart disease, reduces chronic inflammation, protects the brain and helps prevent cognitive decline as we age, aids in weight loss, and protects eye health!

I’m not a doctor, but I do know how much better I began to feel when I started eating arugula!  I won’t attempt to go into every vitamin and other nutritional compounds it contains and why it’s good for your health.  I suggest you read this post on the health benefits of Arugula by Dr. Axe to get a comprehensive, easy to understand explanation of why arugula is such a potent superfood!

Getting more arugula into your diet is easy.  Mix some into all of your green salads and incorporate it into all of your smoothies.  Be sure to look for some of the smoothie recipes using arugula we’ll be posting as fast as we can test them!

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