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I just discovered Autumn Cheese and I’m betting you have yet to discover it as well. So I thought I should tell you about this delicious treat!

CheeseBy Autumn Cheese I’m not referring to all the autumn cheeseboards that come up when you Google Autumn Cheese.  It’s a actual cheese that’s available only a short time each year and apparently so rare that it doesn’t even come up in a Google search!

I opened the cheese and put a little sliver on a cracker.  One bite and I was in love.  I decided this was a must for my holiday tables!  Autumn Cheese is a soft cheese with decidedly unique flavor profile and a smooth rind that has been washed numerous times during the aging process.  It has a creamy, buttery flavor and texture with earthy, nutty undertones.

The cheese is made by the Chimay Dairy in Belgium.  The dairy was established in 1850 by three monks and over the years they have perfected the cheesemaking process to a fine art making cheeses collected daily from local dairy farms.

The only place I have seen this cheese is in Trader Joe’s and only during the fall season.  And trust me on this one.  The color, texture and unique flavor profile of this cheese demand that it be served with artisan crackers on your holiday dinner and party tables.  Your guest will never forget it.  

You can also use it for some mind blowing grilled cheese sandwiches and any other place you would use cheese, but it is a little bit pricy for some uses.  I also feel this is a cheese deserving of having its own place on the table with nothing other than a cracker to place it on.

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cheese wedge
A wedge of gourmet autumn cheese, a seasonal cheese from Belgium with a creamy earthy taste