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juicy sliced strawberries

Ok, so I’ll admit it.  I had to learn to like strawberries.  Not that I thought they tasted bad, on the contrary, they are delicious.  I just didn’t like them for some reason. Then I learned how healthy they are….

The health benefits of strawberry include improved eye care, proper brain function, relief from high blood pressure, arthritis, gout and various cardiovascular diseases. The impressive polyphenolic and antioxidant content of strawberries make them good for improving the immune system, preventing against various types of cancers and for reducing the signs of premature aging.

oatmeal and strawberriesOne of the primary reasons I took an interest was their impact on eye health.  Working in the visual arts my vision is my most important, and heavily taxed, asset.  Free radicals caused by nutrient deficiency are the primary reason for eye problems.  Age and a lack of sufficient antioxidants combine to allow free radicals to damage to the eyes. Problems include dry eyes, vision defects, macular degeneration, ocular pressure disturbances, degeneration of the optical nerves, and infections.

Strawberries contain flavonoids, phenolic phytochemicals, and elagic acid which all help avoid these problems.

We know that fruits, particularly brightly colored berries, are rich in antioxidants, which means that they are significant health boosters. Strawberries are one of them.  In addition to antioxidants and polyphenols, they have many other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients include vitamin C, folate, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, and magnesium.  Add to this some of the flavonoids, folate, anthocyanins, quercetin and kaempferol and strawberries form a front line of defense to fight cancer and tumor growth.

healthy foodsDaily intake of strawberries is connected to a drastic reduction in the presence and metastasis of hazardous cancer cells due to oxidants.

You can eat them raw, top yogurt with sliced strawberries, add them to fruit salads, make jams, custards, glazes, and toppings on many desserts.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab some strawberries and start eating!