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This cooking show episode is a recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash Honey Spice Roobios Soup.  An exceptionally healthy soup.

This is from a cooking show I produced almost 10 years ago for my client Wystone’s World Teas.  It was based on the premise of cooking with tea.  The show was done as content marketing… in an era before content marketing caught on and long before the cooking blogs became the current fad.  The technology we had then left a lot to be desired.  The professional video camera I was using still used tape, if you can imagine that, and was Standard Definition video.  This has since evolved to memory cards, HD video and then 4k Video as the new standard… with 5k and 6k video moving in fast.

While the quality isn’t as great as modern gear would produce, the content is still great.  In today’s world where the current rage is 60 second social media cooking videos, they lack substance and don’t tend to engage users or develop a following.  

If you’re in Los Angeles and considering a cooking show to help market your restaurant or food products, contact us.

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