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This pork chops with mushroom gravy recipe is easy both to cook and clean up after.  You can cook it in under 40 minutes.

I like not having the bone to cut around when it comes time to eat this delicious meal so chose to use pork loin steaks rather than pork chops but that choice is yours.  Boil or bake some potatoes while this is cooking and pour the gravy all over them such as we have done in this Baked Potato with Mushroom Gravy Recipe.

What you need:

  • 2 – 4 T olive oil
  • pork steaks4 to 6 pork steaks
  • 1 pound sliced button mushrooms
  • 1 cup thin sliced onion
  • 3/4 cup chicken stock
  • 3/4 cup beed stock
  • 1/4 cup corn starch (I use corn starch rather than flour in gravies and sauces.  It doesn’t add a “flour” taste, and it is easier to keep the lumps out of it)
  • Salt and pepper


  • Sprinkle salt and pepper on the pork chops
  • food stock photosAdd half of the olive oil to a large cast iron skillet (we prefer cooking with cast iron as much as possible.  It heats more evenly and doesn’t impart toxins to your food like aluminum and non-stick cookwares do).
  • Sear the pork chops 2 or 3 minutes on each side.  Remove and cover.
  • Add the remaining olive oil, mushrooms and onions.  Sautee until browned.
  • Sprinkle the corn starch on the mixture and mix well.
  • Add the chicken and beef broth.  Simmer and stir for about three minutes.
  • Return the pork chops to the pan and cooked about 30 minutes on medium low heat until pork chops are tender.

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food stock images