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national muffin day

National Muffin Day presents us with something we haven’t run into before.  There are two National Muffin Days.As with most national food holidays, the one on February 20th has obscure origins.  We are in time with our post for this one.

We missed the one on January 28th but we like it much better.  The National Muffin Day on January 28th was started by Jacob Kaufman has now baked more than 4,500 muffins for homeless people in San Francisco.  Per an article by CNN, Kaufman wanted something easy to eat in the mornings on his way to work.  He found a recipe for apple cinnamon muffins and whipped up a dozen to take with him.  On his way he noticed a few homeless people and offered them some.

muffin day
A healthy bran and flax seed muffin.

The following week he whipped up two dozen and had given them all out before he arrived at work.  Kaufman told CNN that by giving them muffins he wasn’t just giving them food.  He was acknowledging them as people worthy of attention.

Someone in New York heard of what he was doing and together they started National Muffin Day which falls on January 28th  Since 2015 they have convinced 161 bakers to participate in the holiday and bake muffins for the homeless.

I think you can see why I prefer the National Muffin Day in January over February.  Giving someone some food to eat and a piece of their self respect back certainly trumps just enjoying a delicious muffin for yourself.  But be sure to enjoy a delicious hot muffin for yourself too!

There are many styles of muffins.  English muffins have been around for over 1000 years.  American style muffins have been around since the 1800s.  Depending on the type, muffins can make a great healthy breakfast for when you are in a hurry.  They make great mid-day snacks and desserts as well.