March 9th is National Meatball Day.  I must say I find it surprising just how many national food holidays there are!

As with most of the food holidays, there seems to be no known origin for this tasty holiday.  But we do know meatballs have been with us for a long long time. Meatballs were first created around the 2nd century B.C in China.

Contrary, spaghetti and meatballs didn’t originate in Italy.  This dish was first create by Italian-Americans and if moved from America to Italy!

There are dozens of meatball recipes and they don’t always use beef.  There are chicken, pork and even vegan meatballs.  They are served a number of ways, from topping your spaghetti, to simply being set out on a party tray with toothpicks in them, there are Swedish meatballs, and one of our favorite ways of eating them is meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy… as in the picture.

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