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Ice Cream is sure a hit on the National Food Holidays Calendar. It makes at least three appearances that I know of.  This post is to commemorate National Ice Cream Day that is celebrated each year on December 13th.

If you missed it, don’t fret.  February 2nd is National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.  It’s probably not the most healthy way to start your day, but the story of how it got started is fascinating.  It’s one of the few true grassroots National food holidays.

The official National Ice Cream Day occurs during National Ice Cream Month which occurs in July.  It came to be by an official resolution of Congress in 1984 that President Reagan signed into law on July 9, 1984.  The resolution also proclaimed July 15th as National Ice Cream Day.  The resolution only proclaimed the holiday for 1984, but the dairy industry did its part to keep the tradition going.

Ice cream date back farther than you would imagine.  Different reports credit different sources. Some say it was the Chinese that created it as early as 3000 BC.  Others report that a Roman Emperor send servants to the mountains to get snow and mix it with fruit and berries to create an ice cream.

Today, New Zealand, the United States and Australia are the biggest ice cream consumers.  And as you know there are hundreds of flavors!

We recommend you celebrate National Ice Cream Day by bringing back and old tradition.  Make your own ice cream!  The basic ingredients are just eggs, milk, cream, sugar and some fruit or flavorings of your choice.  Ice cream makers are economical and fun to use.  They also usually come with handy ice cream recipe books.