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pine nuts

A suggestion for day three, March 3rd, of National Healthy Snack Month.  Grab a bag of healthy and delicious pine nuts, aka pignolias.  What could be an easier snack food.

pine nuts
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Hailing from Colorado where the mountains are full of pine trees, this is a food I’m quite familiar with.  They aren’t actually nuts.  They are the seeds of pine trees and harvested from the pine cones.  But you don’t have to live around the evergreen trees to find them.  They are in most any store and are delicious raw or roasted.

Health Benefits of Pine Nuts

Pine nuts can help suppress your appetite and thus help you lose weight.  They contain monounsaturated fat, proteins, iron and magnesium which help increase your energy.  Magnesium is a very essential mineral that most American’s are deficient in.

Pine nuts contain a wealth of antioxidants, including vitamins A, B, C, D, K and E, and lutein which is great for helping your vision. The combined nutrients in pine nuts are know to support heart health, reduce cholesterol, and be anti-aging.

I’m not going to get into a detailed dissertation here.  You can read more about the health benefits of pine nuts on Dr. Mercola’s website.

But I do recommend you look at the nutrients you will find in pine nuts and compare them to the nutrients listed on a – insert brand name here – candy bar and decide which one to take with you to work this morning!

Take the National Healthy Snack Month challenge and swap out junk food for healthy snacks each day this March and share it with your friends using the links below.

By the way, pine nuts are great in recipes.  We use pine nuts in our bowtie pasta with creamy basil pesto recipe and I’ve seen them used in salads, soups and more.

I’m also going to recommend some kitchen appliances that will help you make healthy foods.  I’m featuring the VitaMix Bender below.  My brother and his wife have one and swear by it.  They say it is so powerful you can make vegetable juice with it and not lose any of the fiber like you do with juicers and even “cook” soups in it.  It doesn’t have a heating element, but processes the food so fast it heats it.