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feta cheese and green olives

For day two of National Healthy Snack Month, March 2nd, you might want to give this delicious snack of stuffed green olives and feta cheese a try.

national healthy snack month
Pin it. Feta cheese is a perfect food for National Healthy Snack Month

Yeah, I know it looks anything but healthy.  But both the cheese and the olives are quite good for you.  It is also easy to pack along with you.  Just put some olives and slices of feta cheese into a snack container and take it with you.  A side note, you might want to use glass food storage containers rather than plastic for reasons you have probably heard.

Now, for what I said about this snack actually being good for you.  We’ll start with the green olives.  Olives are packed with antioxidants the play a role in helping to prevent heart disease, stroke, DNA damage and types of cancer.  They are also rich in vitamin E along with antioxidant minerals like selenium and zinc.

I’ve heard olives given a bad rap because they contain fat, but some fats are essential for health.  The fats found in olives is one of those.  Most of the fat in olives, for instance, is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid linked to reduced blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk. Olives also contain omega-3-rich alpha-linolenic acid.

As for the cheese, feta cheese is the healthiest cheese there is.  It’s made from goat’s milk or sheep’s milk, is nutrient rich, easier to digest and less allergenic than cow’s milk cheese.  But even as good as it it, this probably isn’t a snack you want to eat every day.

The list of health benefits from eating feta cheese are more like you would expect to find from one of the superfood fruits or vegetables such as strawberries or brussels sprouts.  Here are a few of them:  Helps protect against cancer; supports bone health; boosts the immune system; contains probiotics that help you maintain a healthy gut; helps prevent headaches, protects your eyes and prevents degenerative eye disease and is part of a natural treatment for anemia.

You see what I am saying?  Feta cheese is definitely not a food to put in the same category as those individually wrapped cheese slices made from “cheese food” as it says on the label (whatever that is!).

I urge you to read this article on Dr Axe’s website on the health benefits of feta cheese and this article on Dr. Mercola’s website on the health benefits of olives.

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