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Be sure to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day on April 12th.

Of course if you are like me, you don’t need a holiday to celebrate it.  It’s one of my favorite foods.  There are a number of great variations to it besides the typical grilled cheese sandwich with Cheddar or American Cheese on bread.  

One I like is to substitute a croissant for the bread.  Just slice it in half and pop it under the broiler until the cheese melts.  This could almost be called a gourmet meal (in my book anyway).  Also try it with other cheeses.  Usually you will want to mix the cheeses.  For example, swiss cheese on its own it a bit boring.  It would need to become a ham and cheese to spark it to life… or mix swiss with the cheddar.  Likewise with parmesan.  It’s delicious, but lacks that gooey consistency when it melts, so mix a bit of grated parmesan in with your cheddar for a delightful variation.

A variation that came to my attention recently is to put the cheese on the outside of the sandwich.  Place the cheese on bread and toss it on a hot grill cheese side down.  Add cheese to the other side and flip it when the cheese has a crispy brown crust.

This method tends to be heavy on the cheese so I think a better alternative is to lightly sprinkle some grated cheese on buttered bread rather than use slices.  You can also fill the inside with cheddar cheese and put some grated parmesan on the outside.  Butter the bread so it will stick.  this gives you a crispy sandwich that is a little more on the “gourmet” side than your basic grilled cheese.

By the way, check out these links if you’re curious what makes cheddar cheese sharp, or what the difference is between parmesan, asiago and romano cheeses is.