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November and December are months where delicious foods and baking take center stage.  Thus it should come as no surprise that we would celebrate National Cookie Day on December 4th.

Evidently the cookie came to the United States through the Dutch settlers in the late 1620s.  They called them koekje which was Anglicized to cookie.  Cookies go by different names in other countries.  In the UK they’re called biscuits.  In Spain they’re called gullets.

Cookies seem to have gained popularity out of convenience.  The hard biscuits traveled well and provided nutrition for early travelers.  They also tended to be more nutritious in early years.

I could go into quite a bit about the history of cookies, but I recommend you just bake some up and enjoy!  Here are some great cookie recipes to try out!

Our Jam Filled Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies Recipe

Gourmet Turtle Cookies Recipe (pictured at the top) will become a holiday tradition once your friends and family have tried them once!

Sugar cookies are always gobbled up fast. Try our Easy Sugar Cookies Recipe.

Peanut butter cookies are simple to make and especially delicious. Try our Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe (pictured).

Our Orange Cranberry Cookie Recipe yields some mouthwatering cookies!

peanut butter cookies
Fresh baked peanut butter cookies

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