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Nothing makes a better holiday gift than something for the kitchen.  Especially in 2020.  As quarantine and economics make dining out less attractive, we’ve all taken to cooking at home more often.  We’ve collected together some of our favorite kitchen appliances and utensils to give you some great ideas, and to make your gift giving as easy as clicking a button.

Roaster Ovens

Since we are talking holiday gifts for the kitchen, I think roaster ovens need to be first on the list.  Let’s face it, keeping that turkey juicy while it’s cooking is a time consuming art form.  You have too much to do when cooking a holiday meal to be sliding your big hot bird out of the oven repeatedly to baste it.  With a good roaster oven you can forget about basting and also cook your vegetables at the same time.

Pressure Cookers and Instant Pots

One of these pressure cookers or Instant Pots will cut your time in the kitchen in half.  They are also great for turning cheaper cuts of meat into tender roasts you can cut with a fork.


Having the right pots and pans makes all the difference in the world when it comes to making your recipes come out right and your cooking fun!  Here are some recommended cookware sets.


Bread Makers

Nothing is much more delicious than fresh, hot out of the oven baked bread with melting butter.  With homemade bread, you have much greater control over the ingredients and can make it more healthy than store bought bread.  But bread baking is not the easiest thing to do…  Unless you have one of these bread makers.

Convection and Toaster Ovens

Holiday cooking has always presented a challenge around our house.  There are too many dishes that need to go in the over at the same time.  We solved it with a countertop convection oven.  It cooks fast and it can be used year long when you don’t want to heat up the big oven for warming foods or simpler meals.  


Food Processors

A good food processor is almost a necessity in the kitchen

Slow Cookers

Sometimes slow cooking is the best way to have it fast.  You can throw your ingredients in the pot in the morning and dinner is ready when you end your work day in the evening.  

Espresso Machines

I love a cup of good coffee or espresso after dinner.  Actually I love it any time!  Not only does the pandemic have us eating more meals at home, it has many of us watching our budgets a lot tighter.  While your meals may be simpler and more economical, having a fine cup of coffee to go with it will make you forget you are living on the cheap.


Juicers and Nutri Bullets

Right now we need to be more health conscious than ever.  Nothing is better for our overall health and immune systems than fresh fruits and vegetables.  Juicing is one of the best ways to get more of the good stuff in us… and to get the good stuff without preservatives and added sugars. A tip here.  I love a good smoothie in the mornings, but often don’t have time to make one.  So I will juice it the night before, pour it into a Mason jar and refrigerate it overnight.  

We are wishing you a happy holiday season.

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