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We have been creating the kind of mouthwatering food images that make the person seeing them hungry for your food for almost two decades.  In fact food photography is what got us into cooking.

The difference mouth watering professional food photography can make to your bottom line can’t be underestimated.  Customer growth is driven by how appetizing the food looks.  The reverse is also true.  Bad food photography used in your marketing actually drives customers away!   One client told me their sales more than doubled almost overnight when they started using our photography.

It’s no wonder our photos are used by very large corporations such as Kroeger Foods, King Soopers, Ralphs, S & F Foods and Campbell’s Soups as well as a number of medium sized businesses including LeGourmet, Wystone’s World Teas, and more restaurants and food blogs than I could hope to name. 

We service clients large and small; from the national marketing campaign that may need to be shot in a commercial kitchen with chefs, food and prop stylists to small mom and pop cafes.  We work with you to provide the quality of images you need within your budget.  For example, we have performed food photography shoots for small restaurants in the cafe during off hours.  We bring in the lighting and any additional props that may be needed, but by using the restaurant’s chef and the restaurant itself as the studio we are able to trim costs enough to put it within an affordable range for smaller businesses.  Also, large chains and food manufactures may require photos that require both a venue and a full compliment of professional models.  We do that too.

We are based in Los Angeles.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help you increase your customer base and sales with food photography and food videography. Be sure to provide as much information as possible about your needs and budget.  Please include a contact phone number and the best times to call.

Click any image to enlarge.  See the information on how food videography can help you get noticed below the example image gallery.

If checking out the food photography above made you hungry, don’t forget to check out some of our delicious recipes.

Food Videography

Also over time how media is consumed has changed.  More media is viewed electronically these days than in print.  Where print could not support video, electronic media can and video has proven to be far more effective for restaurant marketing than still photos.

Social media video is a very powerful marketing tool.  It can be shared across all of your social media channels and grow organically used on your website in paid advertisements.  A 15 – 60 second social media video can show all of the reasons someone wants to eat in your establishment in a delicious way.  Here is an example of a social media video we did for a neighborhood market that has a weekly open air barbecue.

Stop motion animation videos are powerful attention getters.  This is what we used in the example below.

On a simpler level, a video that first appears to be a still photo but has unexpected motion causes people to stop scrolling through the feed and look at/listen to what you have to say.

The trick is to create the right video for the audience and medium that it is shown on.  A “still photo” that suddenly begins to move, such as the sauce beginning to pour over the food, can cause the viewer that had been scrolling down the feed to back up and check what they missed.  Effective video for social media is short and doesn’t depend on sound as the sound is disabled until the viewer turns it on.

Here are a couple examples of this technique:

Videos of food being served in your cafe, cooking foods, plating foods etc can be a very effective alternative to still photos on your website.


If the ad is designed to show on YouTube ahead of the video the viewer came to watch, we want to get your branding, message and initial call to action stated in the first five seconds (before the viewer can click the skip button) and then elaborate more in the following time.

Video of cooking recipes and products used for cooking.  We shot several cooking videos for a restaurant owner in Colorado that used these on YouTube, on their blog and website.  The videos were also used to get the client and her restaurants featured on several major cable TV cooking and talk shows!

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Mouthwatering Salisbury Steak